This Web Site

Every now and then, I feel a need to redesign my own site. Sometimes this is the result of the discovery of some new technique I want to try out (like when I discovered AJAX), and sometimes I just get tired of having the same old thing up here. This time, the change was a combination of the above reasons and the added issue of wanting to include more information than the previous interface allowed.

Right now, the site is built in php and html/css, with a little javascript for the galleries. The script I chose is called Lightwindow, and I picked it for a couple reasons. First, it doesn't use a popular javascript library like mootools, jquery or prototype. While those libraries are good for a lot of things, I've found that they can easily conflict with each other, and I prefer not to get pigeonholed into using just one library. I'm also using Apache's mod_rewrite to have simple URLs for each page - easy to remember and bookmark. If you'd like to see in more detail how I put things together, feel free to send an e-mail and ask.

Looking forward, my desire has always been to make the site into a fully live, updating client-server game in two parts. First, basic site interaction, like clicking links and scrolling pages. All actions would be passed to the server, and sometimes contextual reactions could affect your experience differently than others. Secondly, an embedded adventure game a la Link to the Past would provide real time interaction with others on the site, pursuing common goals. Completion of objectives in the game would result in changes to the site shell, and vice versa.

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